Outcast Magician and the Power of Heretics


Author: Takamaki


Seiya, an outcast magician, is kidnapped with his classmates one day and his life is in danger. But at that time, the original power of Seiya was awakened and he escaped safely from the crisis! But that power was considered heretical, Seiya was no longer an outcast, he was a heretical magician who is the subject hated by the country.

Table of Content


Chapter 1 Encounter and New Life

Episode 1 Prologue
Episode 2 The Outcast Of Senabia
Episode 3 Magic Academy Classes
Episode 4 Seiya’s Guardian
Episode 5 Practical Training (1)
Episode 6 Practical Training (2)
Episode 7 Practical Training (3)
Episode 8 A Problem Occurred
Episode 9 Crazy Scientist
Episode 10 Abandoned Seiya
Episode 11 Awakening
Episode 12 Yua
Episode 13 Holy Attribute
Episode 14 To The Great Dalis Canyon
Episode 15 Great Dalis Canyon, The Beginning
Episode 16 Magical Beasts Of The Great Dalis Canyon (1)
Episode 17 Magical Beasts Of The Great Dalis Canyon (2)
Episode 18 White Tiger
Episode 19 Seiya’s Death
Episode 20 Yua’s Heart
Episode 21 Seiya And Yua
Episode 22 Lord Of Dalis (1)
Episode 23 Lord Of Dalis (2)
Episode 24 Lord Of Dalis (3)
Episode 25 Lily
Episode 26 A New Companion
Episode 27 Aquaristan
Episode 28 Yua’s House
Episode 29 Thunder God
Episode 30 Thunder God’s Aim
Episode 31 Night Battle




Extra Arc The Incident Happening Outside the Scene

Extra Edition I Episode 1 From Senabia Magic Academy (1)
Extra Edition I Episode 2 From Senabia Magic Academy (2)
Extra Edition I Episode 3 From Senabia Magic Academy (3)
Extra Edition I Episode 4 Suspicious Shadow
Extra Edition I Episode 5 Commence The Operation
Extra Edition II Episode 1 From the Holy Church (1)
Extra Edition II Episode 2 From the Holy Church (2)
Extra Edition II Episode 3 From the Holy Church (3)
Extra Edition II Episode 4 Criminal’s Aim
Extra Edition II Episode 5 The Power of the Thirteen Apostles (1)
Extra Edition II Episode 6 The Power of the Thirteen Apostles (2)
Extra Edition II Episode 7 The Conclusion of the Incident




Chapter 2 Arsenia Magic Academy Arc

Episode 32 Morning in Aquaristan
Episode 33 Seiya’s Class
Episode 34 Seiya’s Fiancée
Episode 35 Lily’s Class
Episode 36 Seiya’s Hardships
Episode 37 Selena
Episode 38 The Principal of Arsenia Magic Academy
Episode 39 Lunch with the Beautiful Girls
Episode 40 Duel
Episode 41 Going Home
Episode 42 Aquamarine Festival
Episode 43 Beauty Contest
Episode 44 Waking Up with the Beautiful Little Girl
Episode 45 Rare Visitor
Episode 46 The Special Magician and the Apostle (1)
Episode 47 The Special Magician and the Apostle (2)
Episode 48 Premonition of a New Storm
Episode 49 Gathering of the Members
Episode 50 Start of the Qualifications
Episode 51 First Match
Episode 52 Seiya’s Ability
Episode 53 The Final Match of the Qualifiers
Episode 54 Nari’s House
Episode 55 Student Council
Episode 56 Final Block. The Start
Episode 57 Their Power
Episode 58 Silent World
Episode 59 Telepathy
Episode 60 Mysterious Flame
Episode 61 Final Round
Episode 62 The Power of the Student Council
Episode 63 『Atos』
Episode 64 Mona’s Efforts
Episode 65 Nature of a Woman
Episode 66 Lily’s Power (adult version)
Episode 67 Operation Delta
Episode 68 Conclusion with the Student Council
Episode 69 Aquamarine




Chapter 3 Dacuria 2nd District Arc

Episode 70 Aquaristan Church
Episode 71 Call Bagil!
Episode 72 Student Council’s Resolve
Episode 73 Who is the Culprit?
Episode 74 Operation Start
Episode 75 Staying in the Dark Territory
Episode 76 World Chronicle
Episode 77 Their Past
Episode 78 Tsundere!?
Episode 79 Mistake Born from Inexperience





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