Episode 17 Magical Beasts Of The Great Dalis Canyon (2)

Defeating the centipede and going ahead, they noticed a light source ahead.

The light ahead of them was different from Yua’s 『Firelight』.


Thinking that they might have reached the surface, their legs steps sped up naturally.

Seiya and Yua reached the light very quickly.

「This is not the surface」
「Yes…..but it is beautiful…..」
「I agree」

Unfortunately it was not the surface spreading ahead of the duo. However, rather that getting upset, they marveled at the beauty of this place.

In front of Seiya and Yua was a big lake.

They finally found an open space after all the walking. The sight of the lake could be said to be very mysterious.

「But there is no road」

Indeed, as Seiya said, it was a big lake that spreads out far ahead. He couldn’t find the way ahead.

In other words, the road has ended.

「What should we do?」

Seiya asks Yua what to do. So far Yua was leading their small party, it became natural for Seiya to ask her.

The answer to his question was very simple.

「There is no choice but to cross over the lake ……」
「As I expected. Then, is our goal the land ahead?」

Seiya points to the faintly visible plot of land in the deepest part of the lake.

It is about 500 meters in a straight line from the place where they were standing to the land located in the deepest part of the lake. It is tough to swim all the way to the land, if there was a small boat it would have been much easier.

There is no such thing as a small boat in the Great Dalis Canyon. But Seiya’s partner is a magician who can make impossible possible.

Before crossing the lake, they decided to have a breakfast.

「Yua, can I ask you for a boat?」

She immediately created a small wooden boat with the『Holy Creation』spell of the holy attribute. Then she threw that boat into the lake to float.

「Well then, let’s go」

It happened at the moment Seiya tried to jump onto the small boat floating in water and head to the land 500 meters ahead. A large wave, which appeared out of nowhere, turned over the boat.

「What happened!?」(TN: Your boat turned over, do not thank me)

Seiya halted his movements and retreated a step. Same goes for Yua, she too took a step back.


The sound of the waves resonated across the lake. Immediately afterwards, a buzzy sound came out from the water, and the source of the sound appeared.

「This is?!」
「So big……」 (TN: That’s what she said)

A huge sea dragon stood up from within the lake and revealed his appearance to the duo.

Although this sea dragon couldn’t be seen in its entirety, it was big enough to make the centipede look rather harmless. Moreover, its whole body was covered with hard scales, and it radiated a considerable pressure.

Clearly, it is not your average magical beast.

「Hey, tell me I’m seeing things」
「I can’t believe it……」

They suddenly lost their words, being stared at by this monstrosity.

But the monster was not kind enough to let them regain their bearing.

Locking on the duo, it constructs a large magic circle on its mouth and fires off his spell towards them.


A water cannon shot out from a magic circle deployed by a sea dragon with a big shout that could rupture your ears. Its power was no joke, and if they take a hit, they will probably depart straight to the afterlife.

「Crap, 『Dark Wave』」

Seiya casted the『Dark Wave』at its full force towards the attack , which this sea dragon unleashed. There was absolute no leeway fo him..

The『Dark Wave』casted by Seiya struglled with the water ball for a moment but somehow succeeded in destroying it.

But monster’s attack doesn’t end here.

It created the magic circle again and repeated the same attack.

「『Dark Wave』」

Just like before, Seiya fought back with the『Dark Wave』against the attack of the sea dragon, and again after a brief stalemate the water ball was destroyed.

Both attacks of the sea dragon had considerable power, they were difficult to extinguish even with Seiya’s dark power.

Although it attacked only twice, Saiya’s mana was depleted considerably.

However, the monster did not take into consideration his condition and began its third attack.

Moreover, the magic circle this time is quite big, unlike the previous one, it is doubled in size.

「Are you kidding me? This is just outrageous」
「Leave this to me…..」

Yua answered while summoning her weapon.


The weapon that Yua created was not a rapier, Yuriel. Its color was white as Yuriel, but it was not a rapier but a bow.

Yurial —- It is a white bow, like Yuriel which is rapier, it is one of her favorite weapons.

Yua holds Yurial in her left hand, while holding the string with her right hand, it points at the sea dragon.


Seiya leaked a surprised voice seeing Yua holding Yurial. Because there was no arrow loaded in the bow.

「It’s alright……」

The next moment, arrows made from the mana of light attribute were loaded into the bow.

Then Yua smiled a little bit,and let go of the Yurial’s bowstring.

Yellow arrows, released from Yuriel, flew towards the sea dragon as if they were sucked in. But on the way, suddenly yellow arrows started to separate to became a rain of light arrows, pouring over the sea dragon.


The sea dragon exposed to the rain of the light arrow felt it, and the magic circle which he tried to construct shaked.

「Leave it to me,『Dark Wave』」

Seiya immediately casted『Dark Wave』against the sea dragon whose attack was interrupted. However the target of the『Dark Wave』was not a sea dragon but the magic circle.

The magic circle that was present a moment ago disappeared without a trace.

Sea dragon failed to catch up with the situation, and created an opening.

Seiya, looking at such sea dragon tells Yua.

「Yua, stop his movements. I will take him down」
「All right」

As Yua said that, she immediately casted her next magic to seal off its movements.

「『Holy Hammer』」

Light attribute spell『Holy Hammer』 —- It has “holy” in its name but it is a spell of the light attribute, not the holy attribute. It is considered advanced spell, few people can successfully cast it.

This spell is the spell that crushes everything by increasing the pressure in the are of effect. When used against humans, its killing potential is quite high, so its use is restricted by church and academies.

But even if you say that it is capable of killing humans, what she currently targets is a monster. It is also quite large, the durability of its body is much more than a human’s body.

So it was impossible for her to squeeze the sea dragon under the『Holy Hammer』.

However, it was still easy to restrict its movements.

Yua became exhausted after restricting the sea dragon. She left the rest to Seiya.


Confirming that Yua sealed the movement of sea dragon, Seiya summoned Hollins, his trusted weapon. And while holding Hollins he casted a new spell.

「『Mantle of Light』」

When spell’s name was said, the yellow mana starts wrapping around Seiya’s body. This spell was finally completed when Seiya regained his dark attribute.

Until now there was a danger of ruining the body, by mistakenly adjusting mana, but now it was different.

With the addition of the dark attribute, there was an option of decreasing the amount of mana. Using the dark attribute he erased the surplus of mana

If minus is added to the operation which had only plus and natural consumption, mana adjustment becomes much easier and security also increases. Right now, Seiya was able to exercise『Mantle of Light』with peace of mind.

Seiya, holding Hollins, launches himself in the air. He jumped with the pure leg strength and landed on the back of the sea dragon.


Landing on the back of the sea dragon, pressure of the『Holy Hammer』strikes him, immediately Seiya extinguished the pressure exerted on himself using the dark attribute.

And Seiya, who became free of constraint, put the mana of light attribute also the Hollins to raise its sharpness and durability. Holding it in both hands, he stabbed the back of the sea dragon


Sea dragon screams from the pain caused by pressure and stab wound, but Seiya does not mind and pierces its back again.

Usually, he would have poured mana into the body of the sea dragon and erased his insides, but he couldn’t do it so easily unless he knows what kind of constitution this monster had.

If sea dragon has an ability such as mana absorption, if Seiya pours the mana of the dark attribute, the situation will be reversed in a blink of an eye.

So Seiya decided to take his time and do it the safe way.

「『Triple Length』」

Seiya casted『Triple Length』on Hollins deeply stabbed in the back of the sea dragon. Thereby extending its length.


Getting stabbed even more deeply, sea dragon screamed in pain more than ever.

Watching a sea dragon and breathing out, Seiya says.

「This is the end」

At the next moment, Seiya strongly grasped Hollins, stabbed deeply in the back of the sea dragon, raised his arm strength, and pulled Hollins to the head of the sea dragon. He teared its back all the way to the head


The sea dragon with two swords in its head issued its final scream, and its life was extinguished.

「Fuh, it ended somehow」

Seiya breathes out, seating on the body of the sea dragon floating on the surface of the water. And Yua moves towards Seiya on the boat .

「Good work……」

The facial expression of Yua still has a sense of distance, but it is a bit closer compared with the beginning when she met him.

Still, Yua did not trust Seiya.

But Seiya started to trust Yua.

Little by little, two people were closing distance between them.

The duo got on a small boat, moved to the land in the deepest part of the lake, and entered the cave further in the back.


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