Episode 31 Night Battle

On the night after the discussion with Raiga, after taking a bath, Seiya climbed the stairs to the second floor and entered his new room.

Yua’s house was wide like a castle, it took him 5 minutes to return here from the bath.

However, rather than those hardships, Seiya was looking forward to his new life, starting from now.


Seiya opened his room and entered inside. It was very spacious to live alone, small number of furniture further accentuated this feeling.

This room was prepared by Raiga, and because it was a former guest room, it had little furniture inside.

Seiya was planning to arrange this room to his heart’s desire from now on


The moment he closed the door, he felt something moving inside of his bed.

This room was given to Seiya; it was obvious that there shouldn’t be anyone else inside.

Servants may enter the room to clean, but they won’t climb inside the bed.

Seiya became alert, slowly approached the bed and yanked the blanket with all his might.

And there was,

「Yua!?」 (TN: I thought it would be Lily, who is in my camp?)
「Oh,  Seiya…..」

The was someone in his bed, and this someone was rubbing her sleepy eyes. In addition, she was wearing rather provocative “sleepwear”.

Back underwear and black knee socks. Her white hair and white skin combined with black underwear and black knee socks were enough to stimulate any man in existence.

「This is my room, Yua. Your room is the one next to mine, you know」

As Seiya said, her room was next to his.

By the way, Lily’s room was next to Yua’s too, just from the opposite side. Raiga arranged it like this, so Yua won’t be bored.

「I know…….I came to play in your room…….」

Of course, Yua who lived in this house for years couldn’t mistake her room, she came because she wanted to.

「Than why are you dressed like that?」
「Because I’m your fiancée……..?」

Facing her reasoning, Seiya scratched his head, and with great difficulty averted his eyes from Yua.

「Whatever, just wear something」
「Why……Because I’m troubled where to look……」
「No problem……I am your fiancée……」

She said so and embraced Seiya, who was looking away. Feeling her soft body, his head became a mess.

It was early summer, so her underwear was of course thin. Before, they shared an intimate moment at the Great Dalis Canyon.

But right now the feeling was completely different.

The softness of Yua’s body and her eyes staring in his own, produced incredible temptation, so a certain part of his body reacted fiercely.

Yua immediately felt his reaction, and her face showed an expression of happiness.

「I am your fiancée…..you can do what you want with me……….」

Seiya’s reason was extinguished right this moment. (TN: She has a dark attribute!)

He pushed her down on the bed, pressed his lips against hers and proceeded with a deep kiss.

Seiya lusted for Yua, and Yua was lusting for Seiya. Two people were intensely desiring each other.

「It’s not fair to have fun with just the two of you」

Two people were startled hearing a sudden voice. Looking in the direction of the voice, there was Lily’s figure who was watching them with her arms crossed.

But Seiya was more surprised at her outfit than at her words.

Lily was wearing only the bath towel. Moreover, because it was wet, the bath towel was sticking to Lily’s body, giving off a suggestive atmosphere.

Especially her plump breasts that were about to fall down under the gravity, Seiya’s eyes were naturally attracted there.


Feeling his gaze, Lily smiled pleasantly, and Yua puffed her cheeks. Then Yua pressed her lips on Seiya’s and launched a fierce assault.

Lily swiftly separated them and hugged Seiya.

Seiya’s face immediately drowned in her enormous breasts, but she didn’t mind.

「If you are going to have fun, let’s have fun together」
「Can’t be helped……」

While keeping Seiya drowned in her chest, Lily proposes to Yua.

Apparently, Yua seemed to have no intention of making Lily an outsider and gave permission, while Seiya was suffocating inside Lily’s impressive breasts. (TN: Nice way to die isn’t it)

There is no need to explain what happened after. (TN: There is!)

In a certain hall in Leiria Kingdom.

In that room, an elderly man entered with a knock and reported to someone inside.

「It is a message from Raiga, master」
「What is it?」

The woman called master was a beautiful woman about 30 years old.

「The message says, that the Emperor was found」
「Is that so」
「Well then, I will excuse myself」

The elderly man said what should be said and quietly left the room.

The woman stood up from the chair and said while looking at the big island floating outside the window.

「I have finally found you, Emperor of Dark and Light. I want to see you soon」

The woman’s voice echoed in the room.


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20 thoughts on “Episode 31 Night Battle”

  1. Well, it is difficult to write a good sex scene without it turning into a bad porno. ‘big island floating outside the window.’ Does that mean there has been a flying island in the sky that no one has commented on before now? And the Emperor? Is it a title of someone with certain powers, an entity inhabiting a person, or something else (in any case it means Seiya)?


    1. No its a good technique for some author since its an advantage to various readers since they can play it well with there own imagination.

      after all we are not reading a H novel here lol


    1. True, I feel like everything even happened in the same day, as at no point do I remember the author saying otherwise. So from using, to love, to loving 😍 within 24hrs….


  2.    ∧_∧
     ( ´・ω・) ∫ Thanks!
     //\ ̄ ̄旦\  Nepu!!
    // ※…\___\
    \\  ※….  ※ ※ ヽ


  3. The emperor of Dark and Light. If he gains a contract with the other spirits he may become even stronger. He will likely gain Fire and Wind as well, but this world does not have an Earth Attribute that is known of. But if that attribute exists, then he might gain a spirit of it as well


  4. Thank you for the chapter. I also thought it would be Lily. Since she showed up later we’re still correct?

    “after discussion with Raiga”
    should be “after the discussion with Raiga”

    “any man in the existence”
    should be “any man in existence”

    “Two people were started hearing sudden voice.”
    “started” should be “startled”
    either “a” or “the” should come before “sudden voice.”

    “outsider and gave a permission”
    perhaps should be “outsider and gave permission”
    Using “a” here makes it sound like the permission is only for a one-time occurrence and needs to be renewed every time, like receiving a voucher for a prize. The original phrasing can work, but it sounds odd.

    “Message says, that the Emperor”
    should be “The message says, that the Emperor”

    “floating outside the window. ”
    should be “floating outside the window: ”
    since the next line directly follows from this one

    “Woman’s voice echoed in the room.”
    should be “The woman’s voice echoed in the room.”


  5. Wow, this series is worse than some fanfics on RRL. 😂
    But nvm, it’s still readable for me, so I’ll just keep following it.

    translator we need moar of your tsukkomi


  6. Seiya became alert, slowly approached the bed and yanked the blanket with all his might.

    And there was,

    「Est!?」(Sorry I had to type that LMFAO)

    P.S. I think that Seiya will become the AVATAR!


  7. thats some plot there .. hidden past…. even so emperor? lol damn i wonder what are his parents identity


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