Episode 32 Morning in Aquaristan

With the morning sun shining through the window, Seiya opened his eyes and looked around.

Right now Seiya was staying with the Arunia family in his new room. He was supposed to be alone here, but his hands were enveloped in something soft.

Even if he tried to get out of the bed, these two “restraints” didn’t let him. Having no other choice he said:

「Yua, Lily, wake up. It’s morning already, we will be late」

When Seiya said so, the restraining force vanished and two beautiful girls opened their eyes.

A beautiful girl with white hair and red eyes was hugging his right arm.

Another beautiful girl with blue hair and blue eyes was hugging his left arm. (TN: Explode)

It wasn’t an exaggeration to call these girls absolutely beautiful, and these beauties were emerging from his bed. Moreover, they were naked.

「Get a grip you two. What are you doing here? 」
「Because I missed Seiya……」
「Because my sister was in your room」

Hearing their nonsensical reasons, he made a wry smile, and they skillfully diverted the topic.

「Seiya……If you don’t hurry up you will be late…..」
「Right, Seiya! Let’s go to school! 」(TN: Started with mature lady, woke up with a loli. Is she legal?)
「Don’t pull on me, wear something first」

After dressing the two naked girls that tried to leave the room as they were, Seiya headed to the dining room.

When they arrived in the dining room, Yua’s parents were already there and greeted them.

「You finally got up」
「Good morning Yua-chan, Seiya-kun, Lily-chan」
「Good morning……..father, mama……」(TN: Yes, it’s mama)
「Good morning」
「Good morning!」

Having finished their morning greetings, the trio arrived at their seats.

From the right to the left, the sitting order was: Yua, Seiya, Lily. Soon, servants brought the plates and breakfast officially started.

As soon as breakfast began, Raiga, sitting in front of Seiya, started talking.

「From today forward, Seiya and Lily will be attending Arsenia Magic Academy with Yua. As I said yesterday, we adopted Lily as Yua’s little sister while Seiya was registered as our retainer. Understood?」
「All right!」

Actually, today was Monday and at the same time it was the first day of their new school life.

「And Seiya will be in the same class as Yua」
「As expected from you」
「My dear is overprotective after all」

After Kana said that, as expected, Lily asked a question.

「And Lily?」
「You are registered as a trainee. You are free to do what you want and can visit Seiya during breaks. However during the classes it’s prohibited」
「All right!」
「Thank you, dad……」
「Don’t worry about it, Yua」

Yua thanked her father with a happy look, and Raiga and Kana were looking at her with a gentle expression.

「Also, Seiya. Don’t flirt too much at school」
「I know」

Seiya eyed Raiga with an annoyed look, but thinking about everything that happened already, he discovered that he might just do it.

After all, Lily and Seiya stayed in this house for a whole week already.

After they finished breakfast and dressed up, Seiya headed for Arsenia Magic Academy ahead of Lily and Yua.

According to the family register, Seiya was lower in status compared to Lily, who was adopted by Arunia family.

And just like that, the academy first decided to test Seiya. The test was scheduled in the morning of his first day.

Yua already taught him how to get to the Arsenia Magic Academy, so Seiya was able to arrive without any problems.

It was a large school building with a big fence surrounding it. Compared to Senabia Magic Academy, the design was different, but the general outline stayed the same.

Seiya entered the academy and talked with a guide.

Seiya learned about the location of the faculty room, and proceeded to climb the stairs to the second floor. While he climbed, Seiya thought of the past.

When he was climbing the stairs of Senabia Magic Academy back then, he was filled with nothing more than disgust and reluctance.

But right now Seiya was exited, it was the start of his new life.

While thinking about his future, he arrived at the faculty room.

「Excuse me. I’m Kiritsuna Seiya, here to join the 2-A class. I was told to come here first thing in the morning」

When Seiya opened the door, everyone inside looked at him.

There were a lot of disappointed eyes that seemed to be saying「Is this the retainer of a special magician? 」,「He doesn’t look that strong」,「He feels somewhat normal」, but Seiya ignored them and patiently waited. (TN: Eyes are really talkative in this novel)

Then a woman walked towards Seiya.

「You are Kiritsuna Seiya-kun, right?」
「I’m your homeroom teacher Yayuna Laniskale. Best regards」(TN: Gosh, her name was incomprehensible)
「Treat me well」

The woman who introduced herself as a homeroom teacher gave off a gentle and kind atmosphere.

Yayuna had long pink hair and pearl-like eyes, she seemed to be a direct opposite of his previous homeroom teacher Lamia.

Seiya though that she is definitely popular with the students.

「All right, let get to the test then」
「Right here?」

Seiya was surprised at the sudden development, but Yayuna answered with never-changing smile.

「That’s right. The test’s content is simple. Try to release all of your mana, but do not target objects, only teachers」
「I see. I just need to release it without aiming at anything in particular?」
「By the way, if you hit the majority of teachers here, you will pass」

Said Yayuna with an amused expression. Seiya was a bit confused watching her. (TN: What if she is actually an S…..)

Full release, as the name suggests, means that the magician has to release all of his mana at once.

As an example, during the battle with the lightning beast in the Great Dalis Canyon, 『Holy Law』used by Yua and『Dark Tremor』used by Seiya were close to full release.

Full release is used asa method to roughly gauge the ability of a magician.

But Seiya was confused, he didn’t understand to what degree should he should release his mana.

After he awakened his power he always fought with magical beasts or the lightning beast or Undine. But they definitely shouldn’t be used as the measure.

So, if he makes a mistake, a teacher might be injured or even lose his life.

If he kills a teacher here, he will be refused admission 9 out of 10. Thinking among those lines, Seiya released about 30% of his mana. (TN: More like 11 out of 10)

「Understood. Release」

Yayuna was surprised at his words, as were the rest of the teachers.

Because Seiya released all of his mana without a chant.

Normally, full release requires a chant belonging to one of the four attributes, and without it full release shouldn’t be possible.

And Seiya made a full release without a chant. (TN: Dang, I remembered a certain hentai movie)

But that wasn’t everything that surprised them.

At the next moment, several teachers fainted, facing the mana wave.

Normally, if a magician receives a wave of mana, there should be a mana wall surrounding his body. It’s not common for people to faint because of that.

However, Seiya’s mana entered their bodies and affected their organs and brain directly.

As a result, some of the teachers succumbed to the pressure.

Seiya didn’t understand this and further raised the amount of mana, but in a panic, Yayuna stops him.

「All right, Seiya. That’s enough」
「But it’s only 30%……」
「T-that was 30%?!」
「Eh, kind of」
「Just how much mana do y-you have?」
「I do not know that myself……」

Hearing his words, the teachers received a shock, but Seiya didn’t mind and said:

「By the way, do I pass?」
「Yes, no problem here. You can’t possibly fail if you have the power to make the teachers faint」
「I see. Then everything is good」

While he was filling necessary papers in the faculty room, the chime, signaling the start of classes, rang.

And along with Yayuna, his homeroom teacher, Seiya went to his new classroom.


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  2. Thanx for the chappy!
    Translator is right Seiya should just explode reminds me of Hajime from Arifureta


  3. Thank you for the chapter.

    Seiya really doesn’t understand his own power level. Also, I’m a little surprised Yua’s family has no issue with her spending her nights in his room, given that they are only engaged at this point. On the other hand, this may be an instance where politics overshadows parental feelings, since presumably they (or at least Raiga) would see the advantage of their daughter marrying the “Emperor of Dark and Light.” Given the oddity of this title (and the fact that the church actively works against dark attribute magic), I can only imagine that it is a line from some prophesy?

    I’ve pointed out some errors or awkward areas below. Most of them involved uses of articles (a, an, the). Given the length of comments like these, would it be better for me to email such to you?

    “Seiya was staying with Arunia family”
    maybe should be “Seiya was staying with the Arunia family”

    On rare occasions I’ve heard and read examples like this without the “the”, but it sounds awkward since here “family” is not being used generally (as in “He is staying with family.”) but has been given a specification (“Arunia family”).

    “let him, having no other choice he said.”
    should be “let him. Having no other choice he said: ”

    “It wasn’t exaggeration to call”
    should be “It wasn’t an exaggeration to call”

    “that tried to leave the room as it is”
    should be “that tried to leave the room as they were”
    since it seems to be referring to the girls and their state of dress, not to the room

    “trio arrived to their seats”
    should be “trio arrived at their seats”

    “According to family register”
    should be “According to the family register”

    “And just like that, academy decided to test Seiya first”
    should be “And just like that, the academy decided to test Seiya first”

    Also, I am unsure about a point in this sentence. By placing “first” at the end you imply that the academy will also be testing Lily (just that they are first testing Seiya). But based on the previous sentence, I could also see this sentence arranged as: “And just like that, the academy first decided to test Seiya.” In this example, the sentence would mean that the academy would be testing Seiya first (ie: before he enters the academy).

    “Seiya enters the academy and talks with a guide.”
    perhaps should be “Seiya entered the academy and talked with a guide.”
    for consistency, since both of the sentences before and after this line are in past tense

    “the location of faculty room”
    should be “the location of the faculty room”

    “was exited, it was a start of his new life”
    perhaps should be “was exited, it was the start of his new life”
    using “the” implies it is a single instance, while using “a” would imply that this is but one of several new starts occurring or about to occur

    “Yayuna had a long pink hair”
    should probably be “Yayuna had long pink hair”
    using “a” implies a single strand or loch of her hair is pink, while not using “a” implies all of her hair is pink.

    “target the objects, only teachers”
    Because this is a contrast, “the” should either be used for both or for neither. Since a little later you use “majority of teachers here”, I would suggest removing “the” from “objects”.

    “will pass」
    Said Yayuna with an amused expression.”
    since “Said…” is a continuation of the previous line, it should instead be:
    “will pass」 said Yayuna with an amused expression.”

    In English, where one uses double quotes instead of brackets for speech, you would also add a comma after the end bracket and before “said”, but I do not know if that would be true when using brackets.

    “means that magician has to”
    An article (“a” or “the”) should be used in front of “magician”. This is an uncommon instance when either would work.

    “battle with lightning beast”
    should be “battle with the lightning beast”

    “used as method to roughly”
    should be “used as a method to roughly”

    “to what degree should he release”
    perhaps should be “to what degree he should release”

    While understandable, it sounds awkward since placing “he” between “should” and “release” would normally imply he is questioning whether to release his mana, not how much needs to be released.

    “with magical beasts or lightning beast or”
    should be “with magical beasts or the lightning beast or”
    since there was only one (ie: a specific) lightning beast. Undine, since it is a name, does not need “the” in front of it.

    “mistake, the teacher”
    maybe should be “mistake, a teacher”
    since he is dealing with several teachers, and he has no way of knowing which specific teacher may be injured

    “at his words, so as the rest of”
    should be “at his words, as were the rest of”

    “succumbed to pressure”
    maybe should be “succumbed to the pressure”
    since it is specific to the pressure from Seiya’s mana in this specific instance, not to pressure in general

    “didn’t mind and said. ”
    should be: “didn’t mind and said: ”
    since the next line is a continuation of this one


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