Reincarnation into the Barrier Master


Author: Kataoka Naotaro

When he opened his eyes, Kubo Tamotsu (34 years old) was reincarnated into the different world. He was reincarnated as a 6 years old boy with a「Barrier Lv1」skill. But his status was a 「Slave」. In order to escape from his harsh circumstances, achieve「Peaceful life」, and be「Surrounded by beauties」, that were his dreams from the previous life, he decided to struggle with all his strength.

Table of Content

Chapter 1 Juka Kingdom Arc
Episode 1 Prologue
Episode 2 Slave
Episode 3 Slave Dealer
Episode 4 Slave Market
Episode 5 The Buyer is the Marchioness
Episode 6 I’m 7 Years Old Now
Episode 7 I’m 8 Years Old Now
Episode 8 Lady Eril
Episode 9 It Seems I Passed

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