Episode 4 Slave Market

The market was overflowing with people.

He planned to sell 8 people here, including me. Everyone is young. There are two who look like skin and bones and there is an idol-like pretty boy too. There is also a cat beastman with a robust build, who looks like a warrior. I am the only kid here.

The owner is talking to someone in the market. Apparently he wants to decide my price.

「Please start with a 1000G. If you want, you can lower it. His clothes……will do. Just sell him for at least a little. If he doesn’t sell……..dispose of him」

…. I’m pretty worthless, am I? Well, no one wants to buy a useless child after all. If he doesn’t sell……..dispose of him…….that might be bad.

My arm was suddenly gripped. Ouch! I’m being dragged away rather violently. You should treat kids better!

Before I noticed, I was dragged on top of the stage.

「First one. Man! 6 years old! Starting price is 1000G! 」

The noisy audience instantly became quiet. It seemed that no one wanted to buy me.

I can clearly see the audience from on top of the stage. No one meets my gaze. Well, that’s not surprising. After all, no one was looking at me. Most of the customers are looking at the entrance from where I came from. Their interest has already shifted to a slave that will come after me. Other customers are either working with documents or talking to a neighboring customer. They held no interest in me at all.

「How about 900G?….800G! ….700G! 」

Countdown started. My life will end when it reaches zero. I was reincarnated for an unknown reason and suddenly became a slave. For the last thing I will see in my life to be a slave market….

I thought of those things while dumbly staring at the audience. At that time my eyes met with a certain old lady’s. Her eyes were small but held a strong will within. But then she took her eyes off me and started talking with white-haired man next to her.

「Then, 500G! This is the lowest price! …. Is no one interested??」

Absolute silence.

「Is it fine? All right, №1 is over! 」

I was pulled down from the stage, as violent as always. I want to run away, but his grip strength is quite something. Escape seems no longer possible.

I was violently thrown into the room. This is the place where I’ll die.

「This is the merchandise you were looking for, Mrs. Versam」

The old lady from the audience was standing there.


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6 thoughts on “Episode 4 Slave Market”

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  2. isn’t he too fast to give up and accept his slave fate?i know this is short story type but still..


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